[Release] SexySpeedometer & Tacho ( Dashboard Elements, Skins, Fuel )

Anyone getting a white box where the speedo is on certain cars?. I’m using no car packs at all or anything that mods that area of the hud.

on certain cars or all cars? and does it change if you enable your car lights?

This happens on certain cars only. I’m gonna start writing there names down. Maybe they need added. And turning lights on and off doesn’t fix it. I was having the same issue leaving interiors but I set the Speedo to load last fixed all the interior issues. But there are some cars that this happens and so far I have only found 3.

So i think these white blocks are from restarts, one guy was on the server, the server restarted come back to get in the same car that it was working in and then whiteblocks.

All the images don’t show up for me :frowning:

wow big update

this update adds a completely new system for adding “skins” for your speedometer, supporting custom textures and positions, a few commands and exports.

how to make a custom skin:

firstly, create a .lua file resembling your skin name in the “skins” directory of sexyspeedometer and add it to the __resource.lua as a client script ( it should already have the default skin added, just add the new skin under it )

if you are using custom textures, make sure to place your texture dictionary inside your stream folder with a name resembling your skin

now open the Lua file you created earlier and add following text to it:

local skinData = {
	-- names
	skinName = "myskin",
	ytdName = "myskin",
	-- texture dictionary informations:
	-- night textures are supposed to look like this:
	-- "needle", "tachometer", "speedometer", "fuelgauge"
	-- daytime textures this:
	-- "needle_day", "tachometer_day", "speedometer_day", "fuelgauge_day"
	-- these names are hardcoded

	-- where the speedo gets centered, values below are OFFSETS from this.
	centerCoords = {0.8,0.8},

	-- icon locations
	-- these are xy,width,height
	lightsLoc = {0.010,0.092,0.018,0.02},
	blinkerLoc = {0.105,0.034,0.022,0.03},
	fuelLoc = {0.105,0.090,0.012,0.025},
	oilLoc = {0.100,0.062,0.020,0.025},
	engineLoc = {0.130,0.092,0.020,0.025},

	-- gauge locations
	SpeedoBGLoc = {0.000,0.060,0.12,0.185},
	SpeedoNeedleLoc = {0.000,0.062,0.076,0.15},

	TachoBGloc = {0.120,0.060,0.12,0.185},
	TachoNeedleLoc = {0.120,0.062,0.076,0.15},

	FuelBGLoc = {0.060, -0.020,0.04, 0.04},
	FuelGaugeLoc = {0.060,0.000,0.040,0.08},

	RotMult = 2.036936,
	RotStep = 2.32833



you can edit the values to your liking, just make sure to change the “ytdName” to the name of the ytd file you put into stream, without the “.ytd” extension, or if you want to use the default skin, just set it to “default”.

once you’ve done all that, hop ingame and run the changeSkin function with your skin name as argument or type /speedoskin myskin in the chat, if you don’t have a script set up to change it with.

Done! If you did everything correctly, your skin should now appear ( if you are in a car ).

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Another Update for Skins

this update adds another few compatability settings for skins, see the default.lua and default_middle.lua for information on that, this update was also released alongside the Initial D Speedometer Skin for SexySpeedometer.

Initial D Speedometer Skin


  • Drift Detection ( feel free to use the code responsible for that )
  • Small filesize
  • accurate speed ( KPH and MPH modes )
  • the real AE86 speed chime on any car that’s either a Blista2, Futo or has “86” in the name!


how to install:
download the initial d speedometer as normal, but this time copy its contents into your ‘sexyspeedometer’ directory, then open the __resource.lua and add:

-- add skins here



at the bottom of the file.


thx daddy

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How would I set it from Km/h to Mp/h because it says it in the original post but I can not find it.

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on the initial d speedometer it’s /speedounit in the chat, on the “default” one, there is no way.

What’s the “start something” command for the server.cfg? Maybe I’m stupid or blind asf, but I can’t find it D:
I’ve tried with “start sexyspeedo” and “start sexyspeedometer”.

the same as the folder name.

Nice script. I appreciate it.

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Hey man, could you please fix the fuel indicator? it’s not working, and nice script loved it <3

… thats not a helpful bug report. how does it not work? what scripts are you using for fuel?

its what i was looking for but i didn’t succeed to get it working plz tell us how to install it…plzzzzz
how to install it

plz help how to install

is it possible to move the UI up more on the screen , interfering with another plugin display

Thats what skins are for, read the “how to make a custom skin” section to see what each value do.