[Release] Server log (Discord Webhook)

Yup same here. Sorry, I can’t help you. My post has been up since Jul 21 and no one knows anything

You just make different channels and make webhooks for those channels and then put it into where ever it says add you different discord webhooks.

can someone help me?

can anyone help me, on how can I organize it in discord, like I want to separate combatlog, deathlogs, and chatlogs so that it is much easier to look at if some problem happens

Hello there, am using the default chat not an RP server and we don’t use /me “/”
How to make this works and sends any message written in the chat ?

If I write /“anything” it works but I want to remove the “/”

Thank you Tazio.

it doesnt show up in your server. it goes to your discord bud. it tells you who connects who leaves who killed who

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Am aware of what you mean, Am not using “RP” or any style of RP Servers
Am using FX and I have a game-mode using FX.
The chat is the original default FX chat and What ever I write there it does not send to Discord with this script,
As I said If I write /me /do /a /asdjasd asd asd - it goes to the discord and it shows up there.
Anything I write without “/” before writing the message it won’t be send to Discord.

Who killed who or how he Died it’s working fine, Logins disconnects crashes it shows up at the discord.

Am talking about normal messages it does not show because it should be started with “/” how I can remove that ?

yeah to know how to separate the logs for different chats if possible? also i see people complaining about is only showing logs of commands/ i actually rather have that than just a chat, how do i do it?

Can you show me your server.lua?

would be nice if this worked for users connected without steam.
Would also be nice if it logged the /say command in chat and Say command in f8