[RELEASE] Sawmill Job [QB & ESX]

:sunflower: What is this and how does it work?
This is a job where the players can make some extra cash, maybe a daily job for those who need some pocket money by giving a helping hand on the sawmill.

Start the job by talking with the ped, he will give you some short info and then the job is active.
It starts with that you as a player have to press a button to spawn the Truck you are going to enter, why do you have to spawn it yourself?

This is a “Anti-collision” function I made for a couple of years ago when I were developer on a server, just to prevent people from spawning the vehicles on each other. This is one of two of these function in the script.

When the truck is spawned, enter it and drive to the trailer that is spawned somewhere on the map (located on the map) with some logs on it.
When the trailer is attached on the truck, go back to the sawmill and start unloading the logs from the trailer.
When the logs is off you’ll get a text from the ped that their is some broken planks that is laying around and should be thrown. So go and pick them up and throw them in a container.
Meanwhile you are doing that the ped’s colleagues are preparing a new trailer for you with some goods that you should deliver to a customer down in the city when all the broken planks is thrown away.
Drive down to the location and deliver the trailer and then you will be given a reward down there.

You are seeing the objective what you are going to do on the bottom of the screen during the entire job.

:hammer_and_wrench: Config:

  • Where the ped is located & where you start the job.
  • The heading of the ped.
  • If blip is enabled or not, where you start the quest.
  • The blip sprite, how the blip looks.
  • The blip size.
  • The cooldown time.
  • The amount of cash given as reward.
  • The trailer spawns, easy to add/remove/adjust.
  • The translations of the script. Easy to add/remove/adjust.

This script is overall very easy to adjust in the config, and also seeing how everything comes together in the code itself. Almost everything has some sort of label.

:gear: Performance:
Nothing noticeable. If else, please contact me and let me know so I can fix it.


  • QBCore / Essentialmode
  • QB-Target / es_extended
  • HeidiSQL

:warning: Encrypted?
This script is not encrypted.

:briefcase: Purchase:
You can purchase this on my tebex site:
When the payment is completed you will recive a .rar file with everything you need.

:raised_back_of_hand:Contact me:
If you need any support, have any questions or just have any other thoughts please contact me in direct messages or leave a comment under this post.


Pictures below:

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~5-600
Requirements QBCore / essentialmode
Support Yes

Will there be a ESX one coming too?

Option to use own Trucks?


I actually remade this one to QB from ESX and patched it a little bit. So yes I can definitly remake this current one back to ESX again without any big issues.
I will look in to it!

Never thought of that option with own trucks actually, I will concider it.

Best regards.

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Also interest about ESX version , and owned truck system included.

it would be so nice

I’ve made som changed to this post so there is an option between ESX & QBCore version.

Best Regards,

I’ve made som changed to this post so there is an option between ESX & QBCore version.

Best Regards,

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