[RELEASE] Sandy Shores fixed bridge, checkpoint and trees! [YMAP]

Let us know when you update it :).

Also if you could. Make the bridge connect to the other side of of road instead of only the beach

thats what i am working on also lol, when i swap the lamp posts out i will be doing that

textures are coming along, trial and error lol, just need remove the cracks on the main part and swat them out for something smaller so it doesnt look the way it is in the image lol

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Remember to try add some potholes, or small bumps. Sandy Shores is a run down town, with a small population and no money to repair stuff.

@Scully7402 did you remove the download? Don’t seem to be able to download it.

Link is probably down, I don’t even have this anymore so I can’t re-post it. Moved away from this a long time ago.

can we get some picks pleaes