[RELEASE] Sandy Shores fixed bridge, checkpoint and trees! [YMAP]

Sandy Shores Trees, Bridge and checkpoint along with poles outside medical center and extra lights on sheriffs office

How to install?
1. Create a folder called YMAP if you don’t have one already, inside place a stream folder and a __resource.lua file, inside the resource file put this_is_a_map 'yes' and save it.
2. Download the YMAP below and place it inside your stream folder.
3. Go to your server.cfg and put start YMAP and restart your server or do refresh then start YMAP or restart YMAP if you have the folder already and it will load into the server for you.

Direct download -> scully.ymap (3.4 KB) :smile:

Screenshot%20(721) Screenshot%20(724) Screenshot%20(725)

Sorry, I haven’t really gotten around to releasing this or working on it much, it’s just a basic texture but if you go through it you can get an idea on how to update it yourself, just throw it into the stream folder with the above :slight_smile:

stt_mp_stunt_track.ytd (1.2 MB)

Uh. Where does this bridge go? It doesn’t show a starting / ending point…are you just dumping people into the ocean…

no lol, in sandy shores there is an area where there is a broken end of a bridge on each side, so i just put the two points together lol and added some lights.

The weird thing about this ymap is it doesn’t fit the story of sandy, it looks super fake and it’s not very good. Maybe for the future if you make another release, try make it fit into the storyline, and make it look realistic.

I’d use a different bridge texture…think about it - it’s Sandy Shores, their poor.

not 100% sure if they are actually each side of a bridge but thats what it looked like to me lol

Use like a old abandoned or run down bridge texture.

yeah that would be a good idea, i was going to edit this and add barriers to the side another time, I would have finished it all in one session but i don’t like to spend much time in map editor as it gets quite boring lol

Yeah haha, try make an all new one like sandy shores enhanced, or sandy shores alive, but just with trees and a few new props, not an overhaul. Just a few little things. :slight_smile: Keep alive brother!

Is this what you guys mean lol, i messed up a bit lol but you get the idea, i need to switch around the sand texture and change the side texture to more of a…sandy kind of edge lol

Yeah sort of, but like, make it look even more run down, maybe have pieces of cobblestone, or sand as the bridge. And no street lights, and maybe a broken fence around the edge.

Btw, how do you get that ui on the server in the top left and top right? That looks dope.

Looks really cool, thank you.

Yeah thats what i was thinking, that was just the design, i still have the actual texture to do as in the rocky effect.

btw the UI in the top left is just a piece of text, nothing special easy to add, the one in the top right is just a script i found on here, should be easy to find look up time display should come up.

How long did it roughly take you to make the whole thing?

like 30 mins, don’t like spending much time on map editor.

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Fair enough lol.

I’ll release the sandy style textures when i have them finished.

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ok, ty

Thanks mate.