[Release] Safety deposit box [update for job]

thank you. Working.

Another question. Item Cash is avaiable in vault ? i would like put my cash in vault.


maybe cash u can deposit to bank

This is Zombie server:D The bank is closed zombies eating the bank manager :smiley: Just Vault have in the city in the safe zone XD

I have it running 1.1 too

Hi! I try use the safe but not open. I upload the sql and installed the mod 100%. No error.
Only one message say: Nil

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How do you solve the problem

this thread is a hot mess of people spamming code with no reference to anything. why release a broken script like this in the first place lmao.

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i search for a safe script anybody now a script?

do u know a better 1 ? or a fix

did u find a fix ??

me too

Sorry but in what resources and where do I make these edits?