[Release] RP Revive [Fax-Revive] [1.1]

Great Script Faxes :heart:

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Is there a way to change how long the timer is?

hello for a few hours, all the players are showing up at the house michael, how can I solve this?


how do i change the cords to just grove street

Can you post some screen shots of what it shows when you die? Like a little video?

Is there any way you can add a /revive script for staff

An update is coming out which can grant admin bypass for revive

Release - 1.1

  • Updated manifest. Removed __resource.lua and moved to fxmanifest.lua .
  • Added admin bypass. This uses discordroles.
  • Corrected issue that would make the wait counter in chat be unformatted.
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How to make it a respawn only script?
No revive option! Player stay dead for certain time and after the timer is over player can respawn infront of hospital.

I have a GTA 4 map and I want to use this script is there a way I can change the location you respawn to?

Does anyone know Script that revive all player in the server