[Release] Roleplay Commands

i tried that got error also :frowning:

Then look into ESX RP commands and follow how they do it.

If it doesn’t work you are doing it wrong, I will assist you but I am not here to hold your hand through the entire process.

https://github.com/esx-org/esx_identity thats the identity one im using
and i understand your not here to hold my hand im just rusty on LUA coding as last time i touiched was the oold rust :slight_smile:

Just look at RP chat as I said, it uses what you want for Tweet, OOC etc.

i sorted it with RPchat it was outdated XD so now works

There you go then.

How could I disable the chat proximity? Could I possibly just delete that chunk of code that dictates that?

can you add commands like /police and /ems to check how many police/ems are in the server

Can anyone help me with how to get a command to only display in chat for a certain radius?
I made a command (albeit using eventhandler method but am going to redo it using the registercommand) for /dmv so someone can type “/dmv firstname lastname age” to provide their ID to an officer. Currently it just displays it in chat for the whole server to see but I would like it to just display in chat for a short radius of like 5 meters that way if there is multiple LEO/CIV interactions going on, there is less confusion and less filling up the chat window for everyone else who is not involved in that particular scene

@TTVResqDiver1317 I recommend [Release][ESX / vRP / Standalone] Drag & Drop chat command packs. He has a chat command for Local Out of Character in there and you can format it to say /DMV fn ln age.

When I type # in etc. /twitter, it cuts out everything after the #.
How can I fix that?

nice one