[RELEASE] renzu_vehicleshop

OK thx

I got it,it 's solved. thx very much

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great to hear

cool.high quality

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Sir, I would like to know how your car store script is associated with the esx_giveownedcar script. I found that after I use it, I can’t give the car to my account directly with the command .

at esx 1.1 get this error when you try to buy a car but its pretty cool script

Sir, can you present a teaching on adding a hospital car store? Thank you very much.

Just copy the police table.

Change it to ex. ambulance
And change the coords

Check any server error

Maybe you miss some installation parts like sql columns

No found the problem at client side at row 813 change
props.plate = plate
with this
SetVehicleNumberPlateText(vehicle, generatedPlate)

and at row 896 make the same changes and will be work for 1.1 esx version

there is a server generated plate from that should work with any esx version


are you getting a server error on purchase ?
if you are using ghmatti i just commit a new update,

I would like to put your car shop, but as I can correctly edit the plate generator, since I use my own plates as those used in the classic esx by default as for example “SOY 562”

Ok maybe ill commit a update for 6 strings with space in middle?

yes and if i try to test a car i get a error

I pressed the enter key, the ui disappeared but nothing happened or I pressed it wrong.

Check if there is any server error
Make sure to install all sql columns requirement

Just amazing! wow, the fact that this is amazing and its free. Just a question now, after i purchased the car from the dealership, how will i retrieve the car after logging in? And will you be adding a /lock /findcar and other commands or will i have to find another addon that will be compatible?


you need a garage to use the purchased car.
have you seen this?

and about new feature, please suggest so i can add it if it fits to the script.

i still dont get why with or without space will not work.

but i commit a change on github for this plate space thing

tested with esx 1.1
purchase success and getting in / out from garage without issues

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trying to figure out why i cannot buy police vehicles