[RELEASE] renzu_vehicleshop

Does this allow you to open a shop anywhere? Not just PDM? Also set the commission rates?

yes you can open anywhere and use the config for setting up a models
example config is the police just remove the job requirement.

you cant share profits yet, or player owned shops is not implmented yet

very nice work, works wonderfully !!! can you just tell me where to change the letters MA, the first two letters that appear on the plates please?

and if you have a donation fund, I would like to give you something for this free work!

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The Letters is Randomly assign by Server

i can do a optional config with PREFIX plate
Example: NAME 123 (limit 1k vehicles) for special plate (8 char)
Example: RPG 1234 (limit can be 10k vehicles for special plate (8 char)

and use the old way of plates system if out of stock.


yes that would be great

ok ill do this asap and update you here. once done :smiley:

Thanks men :smiley: :100:

Small Update

  • Color Picker
  • Customize Livery
  • Slightly Revamp UI


do u know how to fix cars models buged spawning on top of each other in the dealership, when I change the car too fast?

try the latest update i tweak the deletion while in store

did u update it now

yes few minuts like 30 min ago

how to put this seeing far way

the icon


Dist = 15, – distance (DEPRECATED)