[RELEASE] renzu_vehicleshop | Advanced Vehicle Shop

When i buy a car then the car not spawn and this error will show up

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i cannot figure this error out for the life of me greyed out cars did anyone figure this out?

mine is SCRIPT ERROR: @renzu_vehicleshop/server/server.lua:165: attempt to index a nil value (field ‘integer index’)

I dont know whats up but ive been trying to figure it out

follow this

is there any way to pick which plates the cars use and spawn with

I have like a script suggestion make renzu_housing with like the houses that are available for purchase are marked on the map

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Hey, Can you help me i write civ in the job and restart the script

I want to go to the menu to buy a vehicle but it doesn’t show up anymore I take the civ out or write all in it works but then it puts a zero in owned_vehicles in job although civ should be there

Im just getting this error:

[ citizen-server-impl] Started resource renzu_popui
[    c-scripting-core] Creating script environments for renzu_vehicleshop
[script:renzu_vehicle] Error loading script server/server.lua in resource renzu_vehicleshop: @renzu_vehicleshop/framework/sv_wrapper.lua:3: No such export getSharedObject in resource es_extended
[script:renzu_vehicle] stack traceback:
[script:renzu_vehicle] 	[C]: in function 'error'
[script:renzu_vehicle] 	citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:878: in metamethod 'index'
[script:renzu_vehicle] 	@renzu_vehicleshop/framework/sv_wrapper.lua:3: in function 'Initialized'
[script:renzu_vehicle] 	@renzu_vehicleshop/server/server.lua:9: in main chunk
[    c-scripting-core] Failed to load script server/server.lua.
[ citizen-server-impl] Started resource renzu_vehicleshop

If anyone else gets this error:

I have fixed it, I didnt make sure the resources started in order they should have