[RELEASE] renzu_vehicleshop | Advanced Vehicle Shop

Hello, i have a problem with this showroom, 80% of times, when i enter to showroom, i get killed, and other players the same, how can i fix this? (Qbus version)

Hello , i have this problem ,please help me…

[ script:oxmysql] [ERROR] renzu_vehicleshop was unable to execute a query!
[ script:oxmysql] Column ‘vehicle’ specified twice
[ script:oxmysql] INSERT INTO player_vehicles (license, plate, mods, state, job, garage, vehicle, vehicle,hash, citizenid) VALUES (‘license:2aeba97cc6679e8d89924777c749f016a2b78711’, ‘PPY 322’, ‘{“dirtLevel”:9.0,“modSeats”:-1,“plateIndex”:0,“xenonColor”:255,“modWindows”:-1,“modDial”:-1,“color2”:29,“engineHealth”:1000.0,“modTrimA”:-1,“fuelLevel”:60.0,“modTank”:-1,“rgb2”:[107,0,0],“modFender”:-1,“modOrnaments”:-1,“wheelColor”:156,“modTransmission”:-1,“windowTint”:-1,“plate”:“PPY 322”,“modFrame”:-1,“bodyHealth”:1000.0,“modTrunk”:-1,“modTrimB”:-1,“modSpeakers”:-1,“modPlateHolder”:-1,“modSuspension”:-1,“extras”:[],“modRearBumper”:-1,“color1”:0,“modSideSkirt”:-1,“modFrontWheels”:-1,“neonEnabled”:[false,false,false,false],“modAirFilter”:-1,“modDashboard”:-1,“modRightFender”:-1,“modEngineBlock”:-1,“modHood”:-1,“modStruts”:-1,“modShifterLeavers”:-1,“neonColor”:[255,0,255],“rgb”:[8,8,8],“modAPlate”:-1,“modBackWheels”:-1,“modHorns”:-1,“modSmokeEnabled”:false,“modBrakes”:-1,“modSteeringWheel”:-1,“pearlescentColor”:1,“modLivery”:-1,“modHydrolic”:-1,“modXenon”:false,“modSpoilers”:-1,“model”:296357396,“tankHealth”:1000.0,“modDoorSpeaker”:-1,“modTurbo”:false,“wheels”:1,“modGrille”:-1,“modAerials”:-1,“modExhaust”:-1,“modArmor”:-1,“modFrontBumper”:-1,“tyreSmokeColor”:[255,255,255],“modEngine”:-1,“modVanityPlate”:-1,“modArchCover”:-1,“modRoof”:-1}’, 1, false, ‘A’, ‘gburrito2’, ‘gburrito2’, ‘296357396’, ‘YLQ82506’)

I think he’s responding to bugs being added to github better.

this looks amazing :slight_smile:

The menu still doesnt work for me states this;

[ script:renzu_garage] > handler (@renzu_garage/server/server.lua:1397) <mark>> txaReportResources</mark> [ script:monitor] 
[script:renzu_vehicle] SCRIPT ERROR: citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:881: No such export fetchSync in resource oxmysql```

When I finish the test of the car it does not return me to the correct position but I end up under the map does anyone have this problem?

Great Dev !

For some reason, when finishing the test drive, it spawns me back at coords(0, 0, 0) which is under the map. Any idea on a fix for it? otherwise the rest of this script works great

my problem is after i added “Mule” to an different shop thats happen!?

i have a problem… when i sell the car it doesnt give back the percent its suppose to. Like if the car is 100,000 i get back 18,000 - the refund is set to 90 percent…any help
And why tf are you NOT selling these scripts??? :joy: :joy:

Anyone solve this problem ?

Same problem. I have deactivate the test drive.

You ever figure out how to do this?