[RELEASE] renzu_vehicleshop | Advanced Vehicle Shop

The preconfigure is from ploks repo civ carpack

Goto vehicles.lua theres a link there

I wanna add my own cars tho do i have that

yes you can

add it here in vehicles.lua



add new line

['civic2'] = { -- < -- modelname or spawncode

    brand = "honda", -- <-- brand name

    shop = "pdm", -- < -- shopname (default pdm)

    model = "civic2", -- < -- modelname or spawncode

    price = 220000, -- < -- Pricing

    category = "sports", -- < -- category of car , eg. super, sports

    name = "2022 Civic Type R",  -- <-- Label name

    hash = GetHashKey('civic2), -- < -- need to be in hashname or  backticks modelname 


A quite dumb but I didn’t see any people asked question.

If I’m using your garage, do I need to modify the config.CarKey?

Iam getting this error when i try to open PDM

theres no need,

the vehicle shop (latest main/dev branch)

requires One Sync

use the release download if one sync is off

what do you mean ?

Oh ok thanks and how do i see those categories in the shop i only see the brands

hi renzu I have a request for you about a new script–>

as there is a lack for a cardealer script i wanted to ask you about if you could create a simple cardealer that only works with the cardealer job

these will be what I think would be fine with the cardealer →

1, the cardealer will work only with cardealer job so players can’t buy vehicles if cardealer is not there, simply people can change the car and they can look at the performance as already present in your vehicle shop

2, must have a company account so they can pay for the car from there and make a bill for the player

these two points are what I consider a lot. below I leave a video link that I found on the internet which is similar to what I ask
you can hang ideas from this video for the script

this only example

if you can make it, this will help most for community because there are no dealer script work well

thank you renzu for all things :heart_eyes:

I wait for a nice answer :partying_face:

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he can also do this by just adding the car spawn name and details in vehicles through database the script recognizes it :heart:

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quick question does stock work? or do i have to implicate it some way. i was trying to figure it out i put a car to have 1 in stock but i was still able to get another o that same model after purchasing it.

Very great work!

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Im already doing this, this is my next update in vehicle shop.

The final version of v1 is on github release.

Now devbranch is progressing to v2.
Dealership job is included in new feature in upcoming update.
If you got idea suggestion, logics you can post it on github issues so we can iron it.

Dealership have a dashboard ui like that.

woow bro thank you very much doing that

i will write my ideas on github

thank you

ok write any idea , while i am still doing the owner UI part for now,


this looking good!

does anyone else have an issue with the police shop for me no matter how many vehicles i put in it only shows the first 3 on the list in the shop

the script is not recognizing the vehicles table from database…
is that an issue? if not, how can I make the script recognize?

dev branch uses the vehicles.lua
latest release uses MYSQL.

oh, okay, thank you…