[RELEASE] renzu_hud UI | Advanced HUD

Nothing you can do esx 1.1 does not support accounts money in client. Let me update.

In the keybinds section, how can I change the defined buttons because I either replace them with the button name or the button code, but it does not change?

Replace commands too when replacing keybinds

Is there a way to regenerate energy? If so, where and how? If not, how can I fix that?

Add item or task that can generate it

Add trigger is the same with hunger.

You can also disable in status config

is there some way you can add the code from the regular LeagacyFuel so it only shows the nearest gas station on the map. All those gas stations make for way too many blips. Also my ui for body damage isnt showing up at all nothing happens when i hit home or use the actual command same for the vehicle stancer menu

i getting this error , any fix? i may have done something wrong i wasnt getting this before

You can turn off custom fuel or wait me update it,
Stancer and Body status , default is not enable make sure to enable it.

Did you rename renzu_status?
You have to rename exports too.
Or if you edit some lines thats break it.

Is the stress system built into this because its not going up when I shoot a gun

Ohhhh see I only renamed the resource thanks I’ll give that a go !