[RELEASE] renzu_hud UI | Advanced HUD

Nevermind I just solved, everything I needed was written in your scripts notes XD, thanks!

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Hello. Great script, everyone loves it! (dw, i have this widescreen - nothing looks good with this)

BUT, sometimes when people enter the settings they get that mouse movement thing.

And what are those yellow bars on the side?

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Not sure about mouse movement,

The yellow bars is the default esx status hud… you have to disable it by yourself

how to solve


when is your last update
10 days ago i fixed a esx multi character compatibility in esx legacy using the Carlock.
make sure to configure your identifier type in conf/main.lua too.

which part

When I try to insert the SQL in MySQL 8 I get this error

MySQL replied: Documentation

1171 - All parts of a PRIMARY KEY index must be NOT NULL; If you need a NULL in the index, use a UNIQUE index

Anyone know how to remove this blood effect when people use bandages.

Its on the event / functions of healbody. @ function.lua

Search apply** or blood in vsc.
Just uncomment it if you dont like pedblood,

Hello the hud script is making the display colors look kinda weird for some players, image below 20210920175102_1

They probably messed up the setting… they can reset it

they didnt moved the settings, also if i stopped the script display color goes back to normal :confused:

where do i disable the renzu ui menu setting?
I don’t wanna use the hud options, only the car hud :stuck_out_tongue:

You could unbind keybinds

renzu - sometimes if you pick up a car from a random npc it doesn’t steer with the front wheels - they’re locked in front position.

I’ve followed all of them and it still doesn’t work. Is it because of the old key system?


I uncommented it and the blood still shows when bandages or heals are applied