[RELEASE] renzu_garage - v1.72 - Advanced Garage Fivem

Yo, been trying to use this garage but quick question, when a car got DV-ed where can I find the car, I enabled the return lost vehicle but I still didn’t see any car in the impound / garage

hey. i have the problem, that the police can not check the owner of that vehicle

after i buy this vehicle via renzu vehicleshop all is working fine!

after i put it in the garage, and take it out again the problem happen.

ESX 1.1 , MYSQL 8 any fix ?

after parking in i get this message

Sometimes a car is duplicated then disappears completely till the next restart. How do I fix this?

found many bugs inside the garage. when i lockpick a car the owner can easy click on it again in the garage and the car despawn and spawn on the owner.

an other popint is the hotwire. its not possible to abort the action?

This script does not play nice with vehicleshop scripts, so I suggest moving on. Everytime a car is purchased, “You don’t owned the car” appears. I created a separate table to stop it from messing with renzu_garage, but the keys don’t work with this script regardless.

how to check my car in all garage ? example /myvehiclelist

still no solution?

new problem is. if i sell the vehicle it give me money but i keep the vehicle… i can repeat always and get rich …

any fix for that?