[RELEASE] renzu_garage - v1.72 - Advanced Garage Fivem

This can be add, since realpark have standalone coordinates. Or your talking about parking meter?

Yes I mean for the real parking. It would be nice to be able to charge a daily rate per parking zone

So if you go to a real parking lot, there’d be a marker displaying how much it cost per day to store your vehicle there

GOOD, you plan to put in the next updates that in the garages will put how many cars you can save in each garage and put a message that says you have the garage full instead of being able to put the car, because I tested and removed one car to put the other and the one who removes is lost, well that’s what happened to my clearing

nice release but not perfect working for me. we use legeacyx and when we park in with F at public garage we spawn again and again

hey renzu when people use the SEM menu it conflicts and prevents the player being cuffed to stay in police vehicle they can just press F to escape how do i fix this?

Does this use MySQL?

Change park button, in config, currently bind in F
Its the real park

Latest dev branch already have a fix for it, i remember pushing update few days ago.

So passenger cant press F , you can also change the park button to other


yes it does

in your hancuff script you missing this:

		DisableControlAction(0, 145, true) -- F

ofcourse it use mysql oxmysql ot ghtmysql, all is possible set in config