[Release] [RedM] Moonshine Job Script

Hey guys,

Here is my take on a moonshine job on RedM, let me know if you like it and I will make more job scripts (ideas welcome).

REDEM:RP Version
moonshine_job.zip (5.7 KB)

VORP Version (thanks fahadleo32423)
moonshine_job.rar (4.3 KB)

unzip and add “moonshine_job” to your resouces folder
add the start commands to your server.cfg :

ensure moonshine_job

restart your server

Hope you enjoy…
RexShack Gaming


Great script Great work
If possible can you make it compatible for VORP?

nvm i already converted it

The ENTER key does not work when visiting the caterer’s hut, I can’t take a job, what should I do? it lights up grey

have you set the job to moonshiner for the character in your database?

Config.JobName = 'moonshiner’

I have VORP-CORE, most likely because of this does not fit

fahadleo32423 converted it was waiting to see it he/she could share and would link it above

moonshine_job.rar (4.3 KB)
There you go
Job check is also removed

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Thank you very much, you are the best! your work is very valuable!

go to mission marker and collect crack corn breaks here every time.

check to see if you have progressBars installed

same here and yes i set the job The ENTER key does not work when visiting the caterer’s hut,

let me test this again and see it I get the same results

@davidblack tested again and script working as expected / added a readme

# moonshine_job
RedM Moonshine Job made for REDEM:RP (redem/redem_roleplay)

# Installation
1. Put moonshine_job to your resource folder.
2. Add "moonshine_job" in your "server.cfg".
3. In order to start the moonshine job the player needs to have the job set to moonshiner / admin command example: /setjob <player_id> moonshiner 0

# Required resources
- redem : https://github.com/kanersps/redem
- redem_roleplay : https://github.com/RedEM-RP/redem_roleplay/
- redemrp_notification : https://github.com/Ktos93/redemrp_notification
- progressBars : https://github.com/PokeSerGG/progressBars

Can I convert this to redm_extended?

sure no worries

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