[Release] [RedM_Extended] rdx_policejob

ValiantCraven27/rdx_policejob (github.com)


Simple/basic police system made for RedM_Extended
Download on GitHub ValiantCraven27/rdx_policejob (github.com)


  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Extract the zip.
  3. import SQL for jobs
  4. Put rdx_policejob to your resource folder.
  5. Add “start Redm_Extended” in your “server.cfg”.
  6. Set your job to police
  7. Profit

Required resource

-You need this version of RedM_Extended - ValiantCraven27/redm_extended: [Just started] redm_extended is a clone of the original es_extended, then converted to RedM (github.com)

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Made by

Some of files didn’t upload properly earlier, this has been fixed.

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