[Release] [RageUI] Simple Livery Menu

Wouldn’t Really call this a release as its RageUI on some plain FiveM Natives. But Its a very helpful script to have in your server. It’s standalone framework wise but all you need is RageUI and your ready to go! This is a livery menu were you can change the Skin on Vehicles. Enjoy <3


  • Fully Customizable Config where you can change a few options
  • Some Comments that may help you whilst changing code



  • All you need is RageUI installed and your ready to go!

How to install

  1. Ensure you have RageUI installed
  2. Download the most recent LiveryMenu from my GitHub, Download here
  3. Copy / Drag LiveryMenu into your resource folder
  4. Start the resource in your server.cfg and your good to go <3

Credits to RageUI / iTexZoz for the creation of RageUI <3


looks stolen

This is needed haven’t seen this release before.

Very nice menu

You can customise the banner with this code

RMenu.Add(‘liverymenu’, ‘main’, RageUI.CreateMenu(“Livery Menu”, “Livery Menu”, nil, nil, “BANNER FILE NAME HERE"))

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It’s not
RageUI look the same

It’t not, its just plain RageUI with a few FiveM natives.

Yes I know that, but people can do that them selves. I usually just put my RageUI banner on deafult and people can customize it them self.

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Man really said it looks stolen because of the RageUI :joy:

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ok, sorry for saying that i just thot it was very very similar to the original livery menu