[Release] Ragdoll Script

This script releases players who were handcuffed by esx_policejob

How can I change button? Now it’s U and I would prefer β€œ,” or β€œG”.

Thank you for a nice script

Read this https://docs.fivem.net/docs/game-references/controls/

Is there any way to disable the controller input, because im riding my motorbike at 110mph +, i go into vmenu, up on the d-pad = ragdoll = dead, it would be rlly helpful if anyone knows how to disable this.

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hy can i help how remove ragdoll on vehiclelock

If you are having the issue where you ragdoll when you lock your vehicle it is because they use the same key. Change the key for either ragdoll script or lock script and it should work

How can you disable the controller input but keep the keyboard input?