[Release][PVPMenu] Weapon, vehicle spawner and a teleporting menu

what is mMenu?

mMenu is a weapon, vehicle spawner and a teleporting menu. It’s also known as a PvP menu that can be used only in a red zone (This is optional).

Made with RageUi

Please read:

If you want players to access the menu in only red zones or any other coords. Go to line and do the following:

        dist = #(vector3(-227.3,-2622.93,6.05)-pos) <------------ change this to your own coords
        if dist <= 140 then <-------------- distance where the player will be able to open the menu

            inZone = true <------- change to false
            inZone = false <------- change to true


Just like any other resource drag and drop in your resources folder and add start mMenu to cfg

Download GitHub


Direct Download mMenu.rar (38.8 KB)

Upcoming Menu Features:

Staff Actions like ban/kick/screenshot and upload to discord which will work by ACE and Discord perms

Donator submenu which will also work by ACE or Discord perms

Addon vehicles spawner which will work by categories

Ped spawner which will give you the ability to spawn peds

more and more and more will come…


hey just wondering any chance if you can make it so you can config more weapon than just 10. We start to have issues with the UI when we go over 10 as we use ADDON Weapons not standard GTA weapons.

Hey, sure but could you explain more about the issue please.

keybind for the menu?

K, you can change it by going to line 43
RageUI.CreateWhile(1.0, RMenu:Get('combat', 'main'), 311 <------------ change this to any key you want.

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do you know how to fix the menu crashing when you spawn a Bagatti

It should be fixed. Just re-download the resource GitHub

Please someone tell me why if i click on car spawner it doesnt show any cars? How do i add something like a divo.