[Release] Proximity Voice Chat

Not really a release, but a tip!

You can download this tip as resource and include it in your server! Download now!

You can make voice chat proximity with this native


For example, you can use NetworkGetPlayerLoudness(PlayerId()) to get speaking player loudness, and correct his voice chat proximity.
In my tests, usually players speaks on 0.04 - 0.07 loudness. Shouts on 0.15 - 0.3, blows in mic with 0.9999.
Also, for check if player is speaking, you can use this native: NetworkIsPlayerTalking(PlayerId())



Is this something that is in 5R now? where would i find that line of code to edit to make that range closer? because the current global in game voice is insane… Thanks

This should be on the “scripts” category.

@killerik yes, man. I should make it like resource. Topic is updated now, check it out.

@MarkViolla Proximity voice chat is added to Enhanced Reborn trainer by default! Make sure to check it out!

Enhanced Reborn Trainer

There is some servers wich don’t allow players to use trainers, (some roleplay servers for example) so this is a very helpful resource.

Thank’s for the awesome work btw =D


Thank you, works fine after recent update

Thank you you saved my life !

Hey !

I must probably be dumb but i can’t get voip working with your script. How should i do ?


Pleass fix link.
Link is broken

Link don’t work!!!

can’t open the link .

its because everything he has posted is hosted of his own website and his site is down

Is this what esx_voice does?


means: Can you translate this chicken font for me … (downloadlik) :wink: *smiler

Unlisted until the file as been added to the original post as a direct download.