[Release] Powers Menu

I first made this script a while ago after watching a lot of servers having some kind of superpowers and so I decided to make a script with a menu that has as much as I could put in and as this was only a concept feel free to edit this however you feel fit.

Included Powers
-Super Meele
-Super Jump
-Fast Run
-Fast Swim

Download the resource and place in your resources folder,
then do ensure Powers
and last is setting up permissions,
add_principal identifier.steam:100000000000000 group.powers
Add the line above to your server.cfg

/p118 [this enables all the powers & disables if repeated]
/popen [this will open the menu where you can enable each power one by one]

Screenshot & Video

Download:GitHub - SWIFTDESIGNS/Powers: This script is permission based but if set up correct you will have access to super powers


Update your deprecated __resource.lua to fxmanifest.lua and then tag me and I will move this for you.

@termanator1128 Done

Good job :smile:


Hey so I did all the above as well as set up ace permissions but nothing happens when I enter /popen or /p118, no errors and no permissions denied messages, it does however pop up as a command in chat. Am I missing something?