[Release] Postal Code Map & Minimap - New & Improved - v1.2

could you make a client-side version

Anyone have no postal of this with working radar?

How do you even add it to your server on filezilla?

Why does my map look poor quality when I zoom in?


Having the same issue with the map having poor quality when zooming in. Is there a server-side solution for this?

Very nice, thank’s man!

Hey mate. Thanks for this. Is there any fix for poor quality and blurring when zooming into the map?
Mini map is great its just the main map. Thank you.

is there any chance to get postals on the new 3d map

Hey, how do i Edit it?

I am only having the minimap load, not the pause menu map. Any known reason for this?

I like the look of this, however cant get it to work. i followed the installation instructions, however i have two server resource folders one in C:\FXServer\Server and another in \FXServer\ServerData. i have put the mod in one folder then the other and then both. the minimap has the new map and postal codes but the pause menu doesnt have either. also the hud next to minimap doesnt display nearest postal

Does this mod have any other dependencies???

We love using this Postal Map & Minimap.

Just wondering if it is possible to add in postal codes for Cayo Perico Island?

That would be awesome if it could be done.

Thank you.

How do I add the AOP perms

dont work for me

I really like this map. The density of the codes is remarkable. But is there a version of the map and minimap images that does not have the icons for the hospitals, fire stations, police stations, etc painted on? I use blips for those, and it just gets very busy with the applied map marker and my added blips. I do not use all of the police stations, I do not plan to have a fire department. I am planning on additional places to get medical treatment around town (like drug stores, etc) where a player can get partial healing (not up to 100%) but can’t just run to the next one, there’ll be a cooldown.

So a map where the server guys can put his own markers in would be ideal for this.

Love it! Thanks a lot man! :+1:

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Every map I try, the waypoint lines are very skinny vs the default waypoint lines. I’m using this server sided and can’t seem to find a fix anywhere. Any ideas? I also tried adding the mapzoomdata.meta file client-side but with no results

pillbox hospital is still on the wrong postal on my map

can you possibly make a script to be used with Badger’s Badssentials so that your postals can be seen in the HUD as well?

I just see this map on the minimap not on the full map, anyone know a fix for it?