[Release] Postal Code Map & Minimap - New & Improved - v1.2

While I think postal up over 10000 may be a little much however it’s different. Not everything has to be like DOJ’s. Thrive to be something else and not just a carbon copy server like the rest. With that said the people over in mine enjoy the maps personally and like how detailed it is as @Virus_City stated it gives an accurate idea where you are for let’s say a panic button.

To each their own but I enjoy it and seems others do as well. :slight_smile:

Right now, you have what, 5 .png’s? Live map requires around 1300 :open_mouth: in order for them to work appropriately. The resource is here and the map images can be found here

im not saying it has to be like doj, im saying use them for inspiration, those postals just look disgusting.

If you don’t like it then stop complaining and don’t use it. If you want one that is inspired by DOJRP then make one yourself.

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I guess to each their own. Plenty of different postal code map’s out there to use.

Yeah, I really did not want to go to the 10,000’s but how I formatted it, it left me with no choice. I would like to go back and revisit it but that will not happen for a while. Glad you enjoy the map :slight_smile:

Holy crap! That is a lot of tiles. I will look into it this weekend though, thank you for providing links :slight_smile:

I apologize that you do not like the map, I understand that. But please do not continue to be rude, there are plenty of maps out there, to each their own. (again, you can find a DOJ-like map here, or if you want another one check here)

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Absolutely my good sir.

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does this have to installed server side for it to work? i have done my side of it but doesnt work…

I believe so, most maps are server side. The installation is very simple, the included read me goes over it. You just stream the map files over your server, then distribute that mapzoomdata.meta file to members, and have them install it where the read me specifies.

I’ve been having a problem with postal code maps and that is that the map is super bad quality when ingame. Do you know any fix for this or have any clues what to do?

turn texture quality to high that fixed it for me i think let me double check give me like 3 - 5 minutes.


Lovely detail put into the map Great, hope to see more like this soon

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New in update 1.1:

  • Added remaining PD, Fire, & Hospital badges

What to expect in 1.2:

  • Postal code key
  • Highway signs and mile markers

Fucking awesome…

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What he said LOL ((20Char))


could you explain the install for server resources? I’m new to FiveM

Download the File
Open it
Open the ‘Server Resource’ directory
Drag and drop the ‘map’ directory into your server resource folder
Add ‘start map’ to your server.cfg
Restart the Server
and done!

For those wondering how to edit the map, go in to all the YTD’s and extract the map files Make sure to do PNG Then open them up in photoshop, do whatever you wanted to do and then save as PNG and upload/replace them using OpenIV, I know this since I’ve done it for my own community :smiley:

  • Billy J
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The minimap is zoomed in do you know if this is a known glitch?

Its cool… But very busy.