[Release] Postal Code Map & Minimap - New & Improved - v1.2

any idea why this map is so bad quality ? The postal codes are a bit blurry etc…

is there any client side or is this soley server side?

do you know about a Nearest Postal script that works with this script?

Yes it does

what Nerast postal script can i use? can i get a download link

yeah sure. Here [Release] Nearest Postal Script

I’m pretty sure you’d need a server for that. I’m not talking about like a ZAP-Hosting server, I mean maybe you can sneak it in but you need a server that you can host both your FiveM server and a website. The reason why you put the website on the same server as the FiveM is because it’s an easier and more efficient way to access the internal files of the website. Now, I’m not much of a FiveM scripter but there is a way you can mimic what vMenu has with the “Player Blips” toggleable button and it will stream as some kind of GUI that overlaps the map streamed on the website. This is in no way an answer, I’m just trying to work out how that would work. Might be my future…

You can install this clientside if you know how to do it. However if a FiveM server has their own map being streamed, theirs will show over yours. The clientside would have to be used singleplayer.

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okay so would tbis be possible client side on fivem? if so how would one do it?

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Is it possible to make it client side?

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Hi there,

Any idea how do they make these custom minimaps (the little one on the bottom left)?
I was thinking to make a satellite one with some custom names but I can’t seem to find a way to convert it to the minimap.

I was wondering if there is a way to make this for single player? Specifically LSPDFR/GTAV SP.

I have the map working for client side but I don’t know how to get the minimap to work. I was wondering if anyone knows how to do that?

Never mind about that I didn’t the earlier post by @Virus_City April 9th Post and @Virus_City April 13th Post reply to @adistaxtos.

I’m wondering if you can do this but spilt it up into 6 sections, crop it into 6 sections, so that they can all line up. If you get a chance to do this. Email the images to @heatherschuler459@gmail.com

Hi, I want to delete the numbers on the map, on the minimap.

@Virus_City can you help me please

how to fix?

it can help why this folder doesn’t work for me on my server and it works on my home host


How do I install this, I uploaded it onto my server and restarted and did what I needed to do but I still can not see it. My friend who tested for me as well can see it but I can not.