[Release] Police Interaction Script

thank you i will try this out :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know how to stop the flat tires and smoking vehicles?

This is when you do /pit and contact the vehicle right?

What’s the issue?

Is there a way that I could make callouts for this?

Would love to see if more callouts added, as well as EMS, coroner too.

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Yes, code the callouts, very simple follow the pre-made callouts.

What happened to the Github for this?

After playing with this script about 2 hours, I got vehicle drive around without drivers (ghost car bug) start showing on the street. this bug common happen in LSPDFR.

maybe if someone know how to fix this issue.

Doesn’t seem to work good on FX server. When I load in the main menu works but the pullover commands and menus don’t work.

I have a FX server and it works with minor issues.

same issues im having is when telling the ped to get on knees they do it but immediately get back up, and handcuffing them does same, it handcuffs but immediately uncuffs them

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It’s been 9 months with no word on V2. Will we ever see this great mod/script updated?? Let your community know!!


hi I have a problem with the PIS script when I stop a civilian and I call the transport, the character of the doormat does all the animations correctly but the prisoner gets off the truck and follows me to disappear. After being busted another NPC arrives and gets into my car at random. How do I solve it?

I’m personally hard at work on a custom version to put on my server.


And you’re going to share it here, or just advertise your server?

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No server was advertised, thank you. I simply said it was GOING to go on my server.

I do intend on releasing it, but in the meantime I really do recommend you learn to script and do your own shit and not sit here and pout and beg for stuff.


I have learned some script, have “done my own shit” within my capabilities, and released it on these forums, but thanks for the advice.

“Pouting and begging” is pretty lame though. Many on these forums who post do so for their private (personal or server) benefit only. A sharing ethos has nothing to do with “pouting or begging”.

But kudos for planning to release your work. You earned a like from me.:wink:

why do you care if I reply to someone’s post

Is this project dead or still being worked on and updated?