[Release] pNotify - In-game JS Notifications Using NOTY

I think this is what I been looking for I am not sure how all this works since I don’t code and I am new at all of this stuff but I need a box to pop up for every user user that joins my server telling them how to open up certain options but so they can close it and open it back up any time also I need it to only show for 1 user at a time not everyone at once so anytime someone joins the server a box pops up and they can close the box and then maybe open it back up by the phone or something that is what I need

How to Use it In C#?

someone has an es_extended with those notifications


Hi where am i setting the Notify location?
Also how i make that?

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nice script!
does anyone know where can i change the text “Fasten Seatbelt”?

did you find the answer of this? ty!

any body know how to use pNotify chat alert? pl. : mechanic /mecha and write chatmessage and alert? to top of monitor

how do i change the font?

never mind… he who searches will find.
thanks for this!

Hello, would anyone know how to put a notification when you are hungry? I have tried to do it but I get infinite notifications, this is my code:

			TriggerEvent('esx_status:getStatus', 'thirst', function(status)
				if status.val < 10000 then
					TriggerEvent("pNotify:SendNotification", {
						text = "<b style='color:red'>🧃Estás SEDIENTO🧃</b> Bebete algo o te desmayarás",
						type = "error",
						timeout = 3500,
						layout = "centerLeft",
						queue = "left"
				if status.val == 0 then
					if prevHealth <= 150 then
						health = health - 5
						health = health - 1

i need to make this public so everyone in the city will see it please help me

heres my script:

RegisterCommand('pd1', function(source, args)


        text = "<b style='color:#000000'>POLICE 👮:  SCPD is responding to an ongoing STORE robbery and is now declared REDZONE. All other robbery/s will be on hold/cancelled. Please wait for further announcement! </b>",

        type = "success",

        timeout = (15000),

        layout = "bottomcenter",

        queue = "global",

        animation = {

            open = "gta_effects_open",

            close = "gta_effects_close"





documentation seems to be dead? 404.
edit: link’s just wrong.

Anyone know how to get this to send a notification to nearby police? EX, someone dosent have a seat belt on and a officer drives by it sends them the plate number of the car?

Any way to close a notification when the client presses a button?

Does anyone know how to change the es_extended salary notification to pNotify? Its a server side event and I’m not the best with those just clients! If anyone would mind helping that would be great.

Anyone knows how to add bakground images?