[Release] PlasmaGame Script (Paintball) [Standalone]

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Hello here !
New update before our DLC Capture the Orb V2.0

:green_arrow: Split of resources: This will allow you to restart the script without having to restart your server.
Just simply drag and drop “[PlasmaGame]” in your resource folder and ensure in your server.cfg this:

  • PlasmaGame
  • PlasmaMask
  • PlasmaGun
    :green_arrow: Creation of a config.lua file to make it easier to configure the PlasmaGame.
    :green_arrow: A big optimization: 0.11 to 0.03/04
    :green_arrow: Added map management: You are able to add many maps as you want in the mode.
    :green_arrow: You can add many point of PlasmaGame as you want on your map. (So you can have multiple PlasmaGame location)
    :green_arrow: Added “Gamemode” feature which allows you to choose the PlasmaGame game mode (Captur the Orb, death match and more incoming). THIS IS NOT FUNCTIONAL FOR CAPTURE THE ORB (Not Available Yet.) Sneak peak: Patamods sneak peak
    :green_arrow: Added a feature that flashes your clothes when you get hit.
    :green_arrow: Overhaul of the freeze mechanics during the respawn.
    :green_arrow: We have deactivated the feature that allows you to oneshot player with your gun butt
    :green_arrow: Modification of the colors of the markers.
    :green_arrow: We will add the spectate mod in our next updates !


How to install our PlasmaGame in your FiveM server: how to install (We don’t provide the MarcMLO map that you can see, care !)
Little video Updates: HERE

@Patatichette Hey, can i use this script with qbus?

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Hello @Dennis_Winter !
Yup, our scripts are standalone, so you can use it in any FiveM server ! :slight_smile:

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i cant login with Fivem… for buy the script

@Dennis_Winter Yeah, FiveM seemed to be down at this moment, but it’s okay now !

So I just bought the script, and the download was for 1.1. Is this correct?

There is none of the mentioned above updates…
Ie: map management and gamemode…

Hello, is the outfit not included?
When I go in my clothes get changed to random clothes

Hello @Sasino97 ! They’re vanilla clothes, not an addon :slight_smile: So i think you have modded clothes on they’re slot.