[Release] Piks Rock - Launch Rock to other player

Hi, we share my first public script !

On my server players asked me to have a rock launch to another player and cops we did this

Video preview : [FIVEM] ESX Piks Rock - Launch rock to other player - YouTube

Its optimized :

On this script you can found :

  • Rock texture (replace snow ball)

  • Meta for custom damage (edit snow ball damage)

  • Hit the player on the head makes him fall to the ground for a moment (Camera effect + Time to get up)

  • Script to get rock on ground (only on defined texture ground)

  • Command for find ground texture

  • % chance to find rock on ground

  • Translate folder (FR/EN)

To get this script you can found on my tibex store : 8€ + TAX : Piks Script | Piks Rock (tebex.io)



  1. Buy the resource
  2. Download the resource
  3. Drop it in your resources folder
  4. Add ensure Piks_Rock to your server.cfg
  5. Restart the server

Follow me for next script release :slight_smile:

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  • Hit the player on the head makes him fall to the ground for a moment

but isn’t it by the standard, when a snowball hits the head, the player falls?

Hi, by default its just fall to the ground on script its fall to the ground with effect on camera and you can config the delay for player can get up !

15 dollar for a reskinned snowball :eyes:


Not only you can get only on ground texture defined with chance and its optimized and time to make it :slight_smile: but its my first sell script give me the price you think and do more reviews or do it yourself

hey does it work if your weapons goes like items or thats allready registerd as item not weapon?

Its replace ‘WEAPON_SNOWBALL’ if use any inventory with weapon item its working great just need WEAPON_SNOWBALL in item table

15 euro for throwing a rock :’) hold on ill fix this one for free soon folks


We have change price to 8 but its not only throwing you have effect on get rock in face and you can not find rock any where is by texture on ground and you pay for support creator :slight_smile:

Is this your hobby or your job?

Its my job and hobby :slight_smile:

FiveM should not be your job. Enjoy it like a game and help your fellow gamers like you do with a hobby

I don’t understand why people hate so much on people that release paid for resources, I think it is sad tbh, If you don’t want to pay for it because the price is too high, then don’t purchase it!

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Thx you for your support :slight_smile:

Agreed and if we can remember the old days when you were not allowed to sell scripts for fivem nobody even made decent scripts, and look what we got now! From pretty cardealer scripts to throwing quality made rocks!