[RELEASE] Pickup Bike Script


Can you help me with adding that? thanks

slightly confused,
what do i add to the client side? new here

If you download the bt-target version you will have to add the contents of the README to the bt-target client.lua

zing hahahaha hahahahahaha never thought about opening up the readme… ill find my exit now

This is not an issue but its good if you can fix it, the player must sit first in order to pickup a bike, if i pickup the bike, leave it down and others try to pick it up, it will not work, they must sit first and then try again.

Hey, maybe you could help me, I don’t know exactly where to get this

Nice release i really like it.
you should add the bt-target code directly at the bottom of the client file, that way people wont have to go in bt-target to add it.
Like this:

    local bike = {
    exports['bt-target']:AddTargetModel(bike, {
        options = {
                event = "pickup:bike",
                icon = "fas fa-bicycle",
                label = "Pickup Bike",
        job = {"all"},
        distance = 2.5

the version for all bikes you still have to put all the haskeys for the bicycle

Thanks for letting me know I’ve fixed it.