[RELEASE] Pet's script!

how open menu please ?

thank you :heart:

sorry how to attack player ? with dog

This is an automatic function. Some pets are not aggressive so they will not attack.

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Is there a way to let the animals follow you automatically? i love the script but hitting “come at my feet” all the time is a pain

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Animal follow the closest player

can someone help why the dogs are not spawning at side of me , thank you

how fix this error ?
@eden_animal/server/main.lua:46: attempt to call a nil value (field ‘getMoney’)

Hello . any way to change the range of with is set to follow? i mean the dog only follows me when i get a cirtain range away. i want to make it so that it follows you if you move just a little bit away. so you can acually walk the dog instead of it following you like 10 meter behind haha :smiley:

i found in the client/main.lua
SetGroupSeparationRange(GroupHandle, 1.9)

I changed that to smaller and bigger. but it dont seem to do anything. and yes i changed it all the places it was set.

Perhaps your request model don’t works check it

No problem for me, working… Put your script here that i can check the difference

I’m working on a fork of this nice release.

This option “follow my basket” is one of new features i’m actually wrote.

I’ll put here information about it

sounds nice :slight_smile: im looking forward to see the release :slight_smile:

Where to get the ball btw?


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Omg for some reason now when the server is onesynced the dog just stand still when its spawned . No longer follow me :joy_cat:

thank youuuuuu <3

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Usually no problem But today my pets don’t follow me automatically.