[Release] pe-tpmenu-ui | Teleport to places with a menu



A tp menu with sliders to teleport to different places.


  • Adding more locations has to be done manually. There are instructions in the README.md
  • Translations have to be done manually by the user.
  • This is standalone.
  • You are not allowed to sell this nor re-distribute it. Contact me or my organization if you have any questions.



@xMontesito For helping with the frontend of the menu
@D4NT3SPACE For ideas

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pe-loadingwait – Loading NUI

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Nice release like always :ok_hand:

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Besto ending, nice job mate!

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sheessh nice job bombay

Latest version now includes a config for the heading.

Nice job, Bombay is a great developer.

nice bumbabay :hear_no_evil:

looks awesome, nice work boombay