[Release] pe-hud | Customizable Standalone HUD

is there a way to make it to save ??

I’m currently working on saving color (and most likely positions too)…

cool waiting for it u made a really good thing, If u could add food too in standalone that would be awesome too

Hi i have question beacuse i have this problem


i dont know how to repair it i try change fx_version but it dosen’t work

Get the latest server artifacts.

Food will not be standalone. The current things I’m working on are:

  • Save position
  • Save colors
  • Config for ESX (Hunger, Thirst. Optional: Stress)

Hello, when I use the HUD I open the menu and turn something on / off so it doesn’t show up anywhere and you can’t close the menu.
Im using esx version and im have esx 1vfinal

I don’t really know what the issue would be. Any errors?

Hello, i installed trhe hud, but when i open the menu to customize it, it doesn’t close, do you know why is that?

I have the same problem, and there aren;t any errors

could be due to you changing the resource name ? Maybe check the html / java too see if the file path is different

Try doing what @Beauflexx said

builds not releases

Why are you using that one? The earliest version anyone should use of es_extended is 1.1 weight.

Ideally you would use V1 final/Legacy

If the status stuff doesn’t work then it’s because you’re using an old status that doesn’t have on StatusTick. If we implement it the old basic needs way it will degrade performance. It would also require a loop to run every x amount of seconds too in order to check.

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This is perfect! Very well done job. Thanks for this release.

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It saves colors and position now :heart:


I turned off stress, but when I turned on stress it didn’t come back.

Hi, when loading in the status to not load before you pause the game and cancel paus. Then it loads, also having issues with possition not saving.


Don’t know what you mean. Can you explain yourself better?