[Release] PD Impound [ESX]

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Solution for which problem?

For this

I have the problem that i cant impount cars.
It says “Unknowned vehicle owner, cannot impound” i checkt the database the car is with the correct plate in the tabel. Help pls. Thx.

same problem here

I have now got this exact error, but it was working totally fine, its happened all of a sudden after i tried adding different garages, i have reverted my changes and it is still showing this error.
It is finding a problem with the SQL column ‘reason’ but i cannot see why, it makes no logical sense to me.

this is to do with how your car dealerships sell cars and assign it to a player, some use xPlayer, some use identifier, you just need to make changes so they all match.

It’s because SQL column ‘identifier’ has 30 char. But identifier from fivem is more than that. Just change length of that column to 40 or 255 then problem will solve. Sorry for my eng.

hey all just wondering if someone could help me I’m new to lua and I’m getting an error on the impound script
@pd_impound/client.lua: 153: attempt to index a nil value (field ‘lastname’)
this is the current client
data.action = “open”

    data.form   = "impound"

    data.rules  = Config.Rules

    data.vehicle = {

        plate = _VehicleAndOwner.plate,

        owner = _VehicleAndOwner.firstname .. ' ' .. _VehicleAndOwner.lastname


    if (_XPlayer.job.name == 'police') then

        data.officer = _OwnPlayerData.firstname .. ' ' .. _OwnPlayerData.lastname;

        _GuiEnabled = true

        SetNuiFocus(true, true)



    if (_XPlayer.job.name == 'mecano') then

        data.mechanic = _OwnPlayerData.firstname .. ' ' .. _OwnPlayerData.lastname;

        _GuiEnabled = true

        SetNuiFocus(true, true)




Can we impound this with a command? It’d be easier for our cops…

can you give me detailed steps i am new to dev

I’m genuinely stunned at how much of this system is broken. Multiple TriggerClientEvent calls didn’t have an argument specifying the player source id as an example, after retrieving the last vehicle going to retrieve screen again still shows it as impounded, a restart of the resource clears it, so they’re not resetting the form. There’s many other issues If you aren’t comfortable coding then do NOT try to integrate this.

Add a RegisterCommand call

Don’t, see my comments below. It’s a greate resource but very broken

share it pls

Do you have this for QBCore?