[Release] pawnshop using nh context and nh keyboard

Preview: Desktop 2021.09.04 -


  • qtarget
  • esx legacy
  • nh-context
  • nh-keyboard



  • added a limit of items selling to secure the event, you can only sell 20 or less items
  • drop player who tries to use the event and goes over certain amount of money maximum depending on your item prices you can adjust it
  • added webbook support for boost’s webhook


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Anybody can trigger the payout event and gain infinite amount of money.
Secure your events and never trust the client!

TriggerServerEvent('Night:pawnserver', 'bread', 1, 1000000000)

Is up to everyone to secure them

You should secure it, as you are releasing it, if not what’s the point of doing it?

What I’m seeing is:
Hey, look at this resource, pretty cool, huh? Anyway, I’m aware that the resource is not secure and some users can get an infinite amount of money, so fix it by yourself, as I’m lazy to do so.


It’s not up to us to. You are the creator and should do it properly if you’re releasing it. What happened to people taking pride in their work smh.


Feel free to pr the event secure if you guys have the time and want to contribute, I made this really fast and didn’t think about the event, when I have time i will take a look at it and add some server checks for the money etc.

:-1: Bad response cuh

What you want me to say ?? At least I’m not charging for this simple script… like others do

If you run a server and know a little you can secure it yourself, is up to the servers owners to get rid of cheaters, now is my fault that people use hacks and exploit resources?? server owners are responsible to secure their resources as they want lol…

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and you are responsible to release something with uh… quality

it is a free script so this having no protections are not as bad as if it was paid its a neat script

Added a money check and support for boost’s webhook!!