[RELEASE] [PAID] [STANDALONE] Loaf - Basketball

Such a nice script!


Left click: shoot
E: grab ball / snatch ball
G: dunk

I believe that’s all controls

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How to get update ?

On google drive, the same download as you got when buying the script :slight_smile:

E: grab ball / snatch ball
R: throw ball
U: To turn the ball
X: Drop ball

I purchased the script and the score board doesn’t work is their something else I need to download for the basketball script @Loaf-Scripts I didnt see floatydraw in the download

Installing floatydraw will fix that issue, but seems like you figured that out :slight_smile:

100% recommend people to purchase everyone in my server has been having a blast.!!! but I don’t know where to get floatydraw please help with guidance of where i can get floatydraw @Loaf-Scripts

Use Google, it’s great :stuck_out_tongue:
DemmyDemon/floatydraw: Like all those DrawText3D snippets, only actually 3D (github.com)

can i place the option to place basketball anywhere ?

What do you mean place the basketball anywhere? You can add more locations in the config if that is what you meant.

You can definitely make your own animations, and do not need some $100k machine. youtube is your best friend. :slight_smile: