[RELEASE] [PAID] [STANDALONE] Loaf - Basketball

There already is a working scoreboard, or what do you mean? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohh is it a functional scoreboard? Didn’t seem to be working in the video. Maybe Im just blind :joy:

1 minute 52 seconds in :stuck_out_tongue:

Please make it available for team vs team and not just 1 V 1. Also +1 For football, that would make you millionare

You can adjust the amount of players in the config :slight_smile:

your idea r dope
but in my opinion
this is a unfinished script
will be better if you add more function
kinda like steal with rate , shooting bar DUI ,npc refs, smooth dunking or shooting , matching system and the replay after dunk
I think those R possible

Ez just buy it Breze gosh. /s

just for you Rocky


wait wasnt you the one saying he stole this idea from someone else … then you just released the football script :confused: with the same video you posted in here (which you deleted) :confused:

Yea but I made this football for fruity collective and got their permission to sell it :wink:

You should now be able to use loaf_basketball without OneSync (not sure why you don’t want to use OneSync…)

Here’s how to use it without OneSync: loaf_globalstate (github)


I bought the script 48 hours ago, I followed all the instructions perfectly, but the codes never worked I contacted you but still without response, would it be possible to unblock me?

I must have missed your message. What is your name on dc?

i need this too. FA send in DC. Oswaldi9790


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Football ?

Unlisted at the developers request.

This is now back for sale! No longer obfuscated, you get the source code when purchasing.

A small update:

  • Made so you can have multiple basketball courts

Planned update:

  • Ability to spawn a basketball (item for ESX) so you can train your skills

Can you list the controls please