[RELEASE] [PAID] Speedometer HUD by KlandesTino

thank you dude

Cool script, works very well. Support is awesome !!!

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Thank you friend

Script with 30% discount promotion!!!

is this ip lock?

It does not have

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For those using MPH with this script, The multiplier needs to be updated to 2.25.

This will sync with Wraith and other speed monitoring scripts that use MPH.

Thank you, I made the correction

can u add a config for vehicle classes

what configuration?

i have one that has a config for vehicle classes so it only shows for certain classes like sport or muscle and not helicopters etc

and can i resize the speedometer as it is pretty small

It appears for all vehicles, but you can add vehicle models in the config that you want not to appear;

You can resize in html/index.html

cheers its a great speedo definitely recommend

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i dont have a scale option in the hud.html ?

Can you show me ?

i also dont have a scale option there

You can make this modification on line 11


style="transform: scale(0.8);"

how can i add legacy fuel work with this script ?