Iā€™m gonna see how the staff team likes it and then ill get back to you. Thank you :slight_smile:

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If a player dies from a car, drowning, falling from a height, etc., Will alert to others?

Yes, however that can be easily disabled if needed.

The page does not work, do you have another way of contact to buy the script?

shop link down


How can I get it if the shop link is down ?

hey i cant get into the tebex is this still for sale?

FiveM forums wont let me edit my original post so here is the new link: https://emergscripts.tebex.io/

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can you add it where there is also a leave and join alert option?

works for version 2060?

Did it work on the latest fivem versions?

Can you send new tebex link, the link dont work.

im getting could not find dependencies error

Hi Iā€™m interested where can I chat you about the details?