Current Version: v0.3.5 beta
Functionality & Performance focussed phone script for FiveM. Currently in beta stage of development.

  • Comprehensive locales
  • Optimized Lua & UI
  • Webhooks for Twitter & Advertisement posts
  • Logging webhooks for moderation
  • Homepage with working weather widget
  • Phone calls - Dynamic within a notification (closing / using phone whilst on call)
  • Messaging (Customizable Group Chats, Images, GPS Pings)
  • Settings (Background Customization, Changeable phone frames, Phone Scaling, Notifications, Volume, etc.)
  • iPhone 14 & 14 Pro frames are included - on our documentation is a template that you are free to use and add to the phone.
  • Camera (Regular / Selfie mode)
  • Gallery (Save images to your gallery, Images can be viewed, deleted, copied by url, etc. You can also airdrop photos to people nearby)
  • Music (Reworked music system with xsound - Increased optimization)
  • Twitter (Create a twitter account, Post tweets with messages & images, Edit & View profiles, Profile Verification badges, Profile Banner & Biography, Liked post leaderboard, Admins are able to delete tweets, Replies & Highlighted @ handles)
  • Mail (Basic mail, created with an event)
  • Darkchat (Join anonymous chats)
  • Advertisements (Post adverts with a message & contact information)
  • Banking (Manage, Send, Request bank balance, create shared bank accounts - manage members, custom name, etc.)
  • Banking includes an invoicing system with a unique UI & functionality
  • Banking also includes business management - Hire, Fire, Manage business funds, View invoices.
  • Streamer mode for content creators - will hide images until clicked & filter profanity
  • Calculator app
  • Garage app (View owned vehicles & set a waypoint to the garage they are stored in - Currently works for qb-garage, will eventually add support for popular garage scripts)
  • Services app - (configurable to any job, allows people to request help from a job, including their location and a message)
  • Home app - Shows owned houses & set a waypoint to their location (Currently works with qb-houses, will be updated to support more in future)
  • Crypto app - Buy & Sell crypto, customizable to add any coins you would like, includes config for pricing to determine how the price moves / how volatile it is.

  • Notes app - Create & View notes
  • Contacts app - store contact information, call, message & share + Share your own contact to those around you
  • Version checking - will show a message in server console if there are any updates to the script so that you can keep it up-to-date with fixes & new features.
Features in development
  • Racing app

The phone comes default with an Australian based theme, but don’t worry, every app logo & word is customizable so you can change it to whatever you’d like.

The phone has been tested on large servers with ~150 concurrent players & is built with performance in mind. If you have any questions at all feel free to post below and i will get to them as soon as possible.

Preview Video
Purchase Here
Documentation (Work in Progress)

Supported Frameworks:
→ QBCore (Tested versions: v1.0.0, v1.2.2)
→ ESX (Tested versions: v1.9.1)

Code is accessible No (Only config, UI Images & Locale)
Subscription-based Yes
Lines (approximately) lua - ~3800, ui - too many to count :smile:
Requirements xsound, screenshot-basic
Support Yes - Australian Timezone (Will try to respond ASAP)

Created a short preview video for the phone here :+1:
give it a bit of time to process to HD

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the phone will update group job app?
like renewed phone

Sorry mate i dont understand what you mean

That looks cool, keep producting good stuff :muscle:

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do you have a date when we will be able to buy it? how much will it be?

It’s available right now

Updated v.0.3.0 beta - 20/02/2023
→ Added support for ESX (v1.9.1 tested)

Any plans on adding ND_Core?

Next framework to be supported is ox-core, dont have plans for any others after that currently

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you should add a stories app where you can record yourself talking and if possible other people aswell

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