[Release] [PAID] [ESX] Vehicle Rental

Version 1.1

Hello everyone,
I would like to introduce to you a new script from our workshop.
If you do not want to have vehicle rental shops solved through multiple scripts, this solution is exactly for you. In one script you have the option to create unlimited vehicle rental shops for any vehicles.

  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Planes
  • Bikes
  • Motorcycles

:star2: | This script has only two conditions.

  • The distance between the two must be at least 2x the visibility of one vehicle rental shop
  • There can be a maximum of exposed vehicles. 10 vehicles in one vehicle rental shop


:star2: | Very configurable

  • You can setup ped position, type and voice for every rental
  • Exposed vehicles type and position
  • Exposed vehicles color (primary, secondary and perlescent)
  • Rented vehicle colour by RGB
  • 3D text about cars position
  • Font (style, position, size, color)
  • Percents of three type of insurance
  • Maximum rented days
  • You can use own notifications
  • You can setup BLIP, type and color and size for every rental
  • DebugMode
  • Discord Webhook - serving as a loan record
  • Rented vehicle locking (Key and distance) - system built-in this script
  • Garages for rented vehicles (Especially for relog) - system built-in this script
  • Prices (rent, insurance, fine for not returned car, fine for % damage of vehicle if you return it)
  • You can use own vehicleshop for generating license plate (if you don’t use vehicleshop, we have a
    plate generator in this script. But I recommend generator from vehicleshop)


:star2: | Dependencies

  • es_extended
  • esx_menu_default
  • optional - vehicleshop for generating plate

:star2: | Resmon inactive

:star2: | Resmon if you stand or talking with ped

:star2: | Resmon if you have rented vehicle (due to carlock)

:star2: | STEPS FOR USE

  1. Import file importIntoDatabase.sql into your database
  2. Write ensure svejdarpa_vehicle_rental into server.cfg
  3. Set up vehicles and rentals in config.lua
  4. Optional - setup your webhook in /server/webhook.lua and in config.lua change DiscordWebhookAllowed to true
  5. Optional - open and watch file manual_for_next_rental.png for add a new rental
  6. Restart the server and enjoy the script

:computer: | Video: comming soon…
:moneybag: | Price: 14.87€ + tax
:hammer_and_wrench: | Created by: Svejdarpa#4136 and kolotočč#1722
Buy: https://svejdascripts.tebex.io/package/4572908

:star2: | CONFIG

:star2: | IMAGES


Perfect script and support.

I recommending this script.

:newspaper2: Update version 1.2.0 - version name is in fxmanifest.lua
• Better countdown for rented vehicle
• Better font edit