[Release] [PAID] [ESX/Standalone] πŸš• luca_taxi | An Ai Taxi

this post s discontinued cause of the many bugs

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Hi… Please, works with 1.2?!?

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esx_aiTaxi – Call a NPC-Taxi (GCPHONE) - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases - Cfx.re Community :confused:


skid :expressionless:

No its not a skid because of the fivem drive to coords actions that aitaxi also uses its seems to be a skid but its not, also aitaxi is outdated and i dont say that you should use it. and you should not say its a skid when you not saw all features :slight_smile:
And every Paid release has to be confirmed by a mod and if it is a skid they dont have confirmed it

This is an outdated ai taxi jeah

It think it only works with ESX 1.2 so i have tested it with ESX 1.2 but it should work with every version. idk if the actions change in newer and older versions but in the next release i will put in esx 2 support ^^

the taxi does not stop at destination
drive circles aroud the waypoit

i brought it too and 7 hours we tried to sort it for in the end i told him i cant be bothered with it … not worth buying untill he as fixed the errors

jeah, im on this problem. but i really dont know why this is because it shouldnt be this error…

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