[RELEASE] [PAID] [ESX] Loaf - Vanilla unicorn job

how do you fixed it we have error codes in our console

Which kind if error show up?
Make sure to check the discord channel for support in loafs discord!

PM me your error codes (as text, not a screenshot) and I will take a look :slight_smile:

Your Tebex store violates our Release Rules & FAQ regarding advertising your Discord. Please correct this issue and then flag your pots for relisting.

You can not add more work to job grades. f.e. if you are the boss,you can not mix drink or dance…Anyhow I set up it does not work.This resource has a very limited option to make for your needs…
A lot of free resource is more customisable like this…
And the support is very poor.Only one word answers,if you explain your problem.
Total lack of helpfulness and total lack of openness…
Now this script worth about 5€,no more…

Adding so higher grades can do the same stuff is something that is planned for the next update, which should release this weekend.

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Loaf i’m currently running the esx_unicorn job and only the bar action pads are not working or showing up. is this due to the “newer” version of esx not esx 2 but the final release.? does yours fix this issue?

i’m using whatever the current zap repo version of esx is if that helps.

What do you mean?

you know how the standard job has the vehicle action pads the boss, safe, fridge, etc. There are some behind the bar that are used for mixing drinks for the bartender part of the job. those disappeared for some reason. all the others show up and there were no changes in the script from the original i downloaded from the esx community github. I’m just at a loss as to how it happened. So was just wondering if your script is updated? I know i’m missing something as to what changed just can’t pinpoint it.

Did you get an answer on this?

When I go to the fridge to buy items, Select items and purchase but nothing happens. I uploaded the file to my SQL and got no errors either. Basically everything is there but I can’t get the stuff into my inventory?