[RELEASE] [PAID] [ESX] Loaf - Advanced housing

GitHub - JiminyKroket/Invhud: ESX_InventoryHUD rework this is the resource im using right now

I could not find any exports for that script.

So what do I do? If i want to use modfreaks inv i have to update my es extended since im on 1.1.0. I pretty much cant use your housing?

Either find another inventory which works with 1.1.0 and has exports that are able to be integrated to housing, or use MF/Linden inventory (and update your ESX). Updating ESX to legacy is probably a good idea.

But does that not require a fresh wipe? I’m down, but im scared i have to wipe database and I have over 300 players a day.

really you should be using ESX Legacy anyway, 1.1.0 is extremely outdated and as it requires essentialmode, is insecure. ESX Legacy has dropped that requirement and has many other updates regarding security, imports/shared object, etc.

Woah that’s cool

Hello, how can I add a marketer job so that only the job can sell the houses?

Use this script for that: [RELEASE] [PAID] [ESX] Loaf - Realtor job

@Loaf-Scripts any update on MLO support?


Please help me, I put the garages, everything is right, I bought a car, I drive up to the garage, I put the car, but then I can’t get it out of the garage, like there are no cars

MLO support would be amazing! also does it support chezza’s inventory?

It does not support Chezza’s inventory, you could edit it to add support yourself. I might add support for Chezza’s inventory in a future update.


@Loaf-Scripts how can I make it dark in the shells? It’s too bright in the houses. I would love to utilize the lighting in my homes. Is it the vsync?

Adjust the time in functions.lua, CTRL+F search for NetworkOverrideClockTime

Hi sorry that I am asking in the wrong resource but sometimes with our loaf-garage players are stuck in the garage when they try to get out their car. The Car spawns out and the menu closes but the player is left behind and stuck. Any suggestions?

is it possible to (add) buy custom props and place them in your house?