[Release] [PAID] [ESX] Exclusive Lottery

Hi, I would like to introduce you to the first script from the Exclusive workshop. :slight_smile:

:newspaper: What script does?
It’s a lottery. You come to the lottery shop and you have the choice if you want to get pay off the ticket from the draw or if you want to buy a ticket. Every day at a certain time, the lottery is drawn and one winner is randomly selected in each category. The winner will then come to the lottery shop and have the ticket paid out and get the money.

:star2: Features
:star: | Configurable chat messages by your style

:star: | Cool 3D Text

:star: | 2 categories in Lottery Shop

:star: | Everything is customizable

:star: | Discord Webhooks

:star: | Protected before cheaters
They can only buy tickets and get pay off without giving money.

:star: | Optimized
At inactive:
At Lottery Shop 3DText:

:star: | Items

:star: | Pay Off
You must go to lottery shop for get price from lottery win.

:star: | Unlimited tickets

:pushpin: Informations
Price: 10€ + tax
Buy: https://exclusive-dev.tebex.io/package/4527234


Purchased, however no download link was sent. Can not get ahold of anyone in their Discord.
Aren’t purchases supposed to be an instant download?

Have you received your script yet?

No I have not, and apparently it is license locked according to their Discord.

That’s a big yikes. Shame, I got excited when I saw it. Guess it’s a pass now.

Yeah, it’s not even supposed to be like that. 99% sure it is against FiveM’s TOS, both the lack of direct download link AND the locking it.

I already send you script.

I am sorry to everyone who bought scripts obfuscated and downloaded it through discord ticket. I am going to send full version to your emails.

Does the scrip is the full version unoffucated?

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Yes, it’s. It’s full version and unobfuscated. :wink:

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:newspaper2: Update 1.2
• Fixed next bug with blips
• Added option to draw lottery only in specific day in week, and not every day (by default disabled)

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i dont got it yet

Have you received it yet?

no i dont got it yet

On your email you have it. I saw it.

dont see a difference :man_shrugging: