[RELEASE] [PAID] Enhanced Armor

A bulletproof vest script which gives you the option of having several vests than just one!


  • Plug and play!
  • Custom % of armor for each vest
  • Different durations using vests
  • Different vest models
  • Integrated progressbar
  • Not obfuscated
  • Not IP locked
  • Easy config
  • Compatible with OneSync, ESX 1.1, ESX 1.2, ESX 1-Final


  • ESX


  • If you don’t like to tinker with the code, you can change almost everything in the config!

Tebex & Showcase

Would be nice if a moderator could move this post to #development:releases

Moved it for ya.

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do they also dissappear(be removed/ destroyed) when the armor reaches 0?

What. it seem like a normal amor vest. why would pay for this ??

dont ruin the sale for him goddamit man spent maybe days on coding this for you and you comment this to him? Apreciate what he has done.

It’s a fact. everyone can spend a day to do this one. that really simple and why just buy it from him. at least it must have something special. but no a simple script…

its really simple?! :joy: seems you just so the pictures without understanding how it works, its so useful for roleplay servers btw

Lol. even with a video. Also i have a thing like this and if you like i can share it to you. It have all same functiion like type of amor. just add some more animation. Or maybe you not a developer so you cant do a simple thing like that ?

bud, thats not my script, and iam a vehicle model designer and also i can do the same idea of his script but i cant do eveything like his because he have putten effort in it for example

I already told you that it’s a simple script. and it really it easy to make. I just ask why would pay for this one if it really simple that. At the first time i click on this i think it must be a something good like when you equip vest higher level it have chance to protect and not recieve any damage. but after take a look at video and the picture. It only a simpel script to equip vest. You cant understand what i mean ??. It too simple to buy it with 5$. even my discord log it harder to make but only worth 10$. Why people alway wanna sell a simple script to make money?

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Client side:

AddEventHandler(‘esx_extraitems:bulletproof’, function()
local playerPed = GetPlayerPed(-1)

SetPedComponentVariation(playerPed, 9, 27, 9, 2)
AddArmourToPed(playerPed, 100)
SetPedArmour(playerPed, 100)


Server side:

ESX.RegisterUsableItem(‘bulletproof’, function(source)
local xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(source)
TriggerClientEvent(‘esx_extraitems:bulletproof’, source)
if Config.Removeables.BulletProofVest then
xPlayer.removeInventoryItem(‘bulletproof’, 1)

Don’t use ESX, but aren’t you just changing the lines:

AddArmourToPed(playerPed, 100)
SetPedArmour(playerPed, 100)

to 5 different values and creating 5 different items? Progress bar is easy as shit to add upon item use. Please tell me why this is a paid script?

GitHub - HumanTree92/esx_extraitems: Extra Items for ESX where I referenced the code from

Haha. same idea with you. why Staff can approve this type of script

Sorry dude but @hichay is right.

Although this is just a tidy script its extremely basic and doable with 30 mins of work however, it probably is a good script for those that just use NP dumps to make servers these days since many of them can’t up keep it.

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so you also think it should be for free?

well i design vehicle models so iam not a script pro

I told you. it must be free not for sell

i guess so

No, it shouldn’t. You cannot choose wheter or not he wants to sell it or release it. He decides himself, it’s that simple.

whats ya problem my guy dont like it simply dont buy it and move on with your day :wink:@keeno you also need to have the paid tag in your post dude