[Release][Paid] Clean Vehicle and Player HUD (Standalone)

With Hunger and Thirst:
Screenshot_4 Screenshot_5

Without Hunger and Thirst:
Screenshot_1 Screenshot_3



  • Vehicle and player HUD with a clean design;
  • Player health, armour, stamina, hunger and thirst;
  • Vehicle speed, seat belt, lights, engine health, fuel;
  • Street name and day time on left side;
  • On top you can put a logo of your server;
  • /HUD command to open a menu where you can toggle everything on the HUD to make your screen even clear;
  • Cinema mode included;
  • Script optimised: 0.02ms ~ 0.04ms on resmon;



- vrp, vrpex, esx (any version)


- Mysql async


- Fully translatable to your language


- The code is nicely presented and the script comes with a huge config where you can easily configure almost everything

Buy here

- Tebex (click me)


- Feel free to contact me if you have any installation issue or if you need anything else, i'll happily assist you

Thanks everyone!!

Nice HUD.

2 things:

  1. Add Turnlight indicators
    2.Should add fly throw the windows if not belted instead of jump out of the vehicle
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Does it have MPH?

Yes * *

Sorry, I should have asked previously. It’s it a responsive design for widescreen monitors? Literally every HUD I try looks butt on widescreen monitors. :frowning:

You mean, ultra wide monitors 2560 x 1080?


I dont have sure how it will be on larger resolutions. It should be responsive, but i did not tested because i have only a normal monitor.