[RELEASE] [PAID] Animated Billboard Package

Animated Billboard Package

An animated billboard package for you who want the city to look more modern, or do some kind of sponsor ad

• The pack contains 9 models made specifically for the buildings where they are used and another 5 models made for the Paleto Bay and other areas of the map where there are no obvious buildings.
The billboards on the buildings have a LOD system for textures, moving away from the model will load a texture with 1/4 the resolution of the main texture, similar to how R* works.

• We are using the cfx team’s asset escrow system, you can read more about it here: Introducing Asset Escrow for your resources

• With that in mind, I’m making available fake models, free from protection, of the models used in Paleto Bay, so that you can spread the ads over the map however you like using the codewalker, remembering you need a basic knowledge to use it.

• I’m also providing instructions on how to change your textures, keep in mind that you need to have a basic knowledge of photoshop or other image editor to create your own arts/textures. You can do whatever you want with textures, just keep the proportions and format after exporting.

• The purchase process is done through Tebex , official partner of fivem, after the purchase you will have access to the files by connecting to keymaster in the Purchased assets tab.

Available here


Nice work !

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Whenever I tell myself I won’t spend more on stuff for the server, I find something like this…getting this now to see if I can get it to work!



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@sandrogeovani very nice, well done!


does this resource work the same ?

Editable in real time, in game ?

Hello, I bought the pack a little while ago but you don’t see the animated billboards to the north, they are red.

they are only in the same area / building, but they are different models

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I just noticed this on my server as well

no, you must change the images present in the texture dictionary

be aware that there is a folder called “for_codewalker_dont_stream_that”, don’t stream that folder, these are files to be used in codewalker
just delete it

are fake models so you can add/remove ads yourself using codewalker, i mention this in the description

ok thanks

read the messages above

This fixed the red billboards in Paleto. Thank you very much for following up with me on this one

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Does this replace the locations of the other billboards that are commonly used? rojo and the other animated billboards?

yes, this pack has ads in the same areas/buildings as the other billboards you mentioned, however they are different and better models

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dope thank you for quick reply

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Good job on the work! but i had a question do i choose the animations? or its random